Software Testing Trends

Change is the only constant on this planet. Considering whatever has been happening a year ago will be obsolete, outdated and might need to be replaced with something new. This holds true for every sector from education to healthcare, From software design and development to software testing and quality assurance. And this year continues to be more willing and openly welcoming tremendous changes in technology and digital transformations which will help the organisation to constantly work on evolving and reinvent itself.

On this note, let’s explore and gather some information on the software testing trends that will dominate in 2020.

1. Customer is the king

Not only for 2020 but for years to come, the most growing need of the hour is to focus on customer satisfaction.QAs nowadays should focus on end-user centered approach where the priority goal is to focus on end-user satisfaction which is shifting testing more close to business goals. Our QA team should now focus more on cooperating with clients closely which may involve improving their skills and knowledge dump and attend in-house training to be more close to the system.

2.  Making way by Agile and DevOps

Keeping up with the fast pace life, quick deliveries and to be more adaptable to the changes, most of the companies are moving towards adopting Agile and DevOps.QA teams are becoming more of a part of the Development team which is proving to be more encouraging for the QA engineers to establish best practices and new technologies.
By the new trendsetting, we all need to pave the way to supervise and define QA standards across the team and encourage engineers for practical application in their projects.

3.  Test Automation

With the objective of shortening test time, focusing on better coverage and effective use of test cases, the need of moving into the automation approach is the only solution that the companies must consider and is becoming the latest trend in the business. The companies are recommended to focus more on constant training and investing in their QA engineers to develop technical expertise and be able to match up the growing trend of automation. This trend is sure to highlight the company and its resources in the business.

4.  Utilizing AI in QA practices

With the coming of new technologies like Artificial intelligence(AI), Machine learning, Virtual realities, the need for testers to enrich their knowledge and familiarity in these verticals have become more of a challenge or setting a new trend. This is going to be an advantage for the QA as it will ease out major QA activities like optimizing task assignments, generating test data, test case design approach or test execution priorities.QA community need to pull their socks up to keep moving in the direction of automation.

5.  Test environment and Test data approach

Lack of test environments and test data generation has always been the topic of discussion for the QA community. Remedy to this challenge should be set as an upcoming trend where we just need to play a little safe in figuring out the solutions. One such common and the favourite solution is App containerization which will enable the testers to add value to their testing efforts by working in their private territory unaffected by others and playing around their automated scripts.

Are we ready?

As we can see with the emerging trends in software testing, Introducing new and required changes is necessary to increase the shell life and to be our client’s favourite as much to keep up with our competitors and to be always creating a client base. It may appear to be a massive effort in the beginning but little steps will bring big changes.