Secrets of a good tester

Software testers are the backbone of all organizations because they are the ones who are responsible for ensuring the quality of the project or product. But how do you spot the ‘best of the best’ among testers? So, Every tester should improve these qualities which are: A good software tester should ask questions because Software testing requires asking a lot of questions. “What happens if ____?”, “Why isn’t ____ working?”, “Why does it work like this?”. Questions inspire new test cases and different ways of approaching the tests. When QA is involved early on, questions are asked early on, and quality is injected early on.  

A good software tester thinks creatively because as a software tester, you need to approach things from different angles. Think outside of the box and try different things. Try to break it and try to break it in different ways.

Ability To make a good Report:
No one will be interested in knowing the number of test cases executed by the software testers. That is why, a good tester must be good at reporting their current status at the end of the day. They must provide effective and detailed bug reports and also attach screenshots if possible, along with the report. 

Intellectual Ability:
They must be smart enough to use their logical ability, in order to operate in a high-level testing environment. They must have the ability to troubleshoot the source of a problem and solve it in the best possible way.

Good Observer
Keeping track of the minor as well as major project related items being discussed is extremely important for a great tester. In an dynamic environment like a start-up, things change quickly. It is important to be able to access the impact of the change and stay on top of the changes. Furthermore, tracking their test progress and making necessary changes, if required is also very crucial.

Ability to Work In A Team: 

Software testers must be able to work well inside and outside the team. Exchanging ideas, knowledge, experience and thoughts can boost the quality and the efficiency of the solution, so great testers must always be eager to coordinate well with their team members and other teams as well.