Outsourcing your Testing

So, if you were to criticise or grade your children, will you ever grade them any lower than other children? Will you bring up any negative feedback you may have for them?

Now you have someone else bring up the wrong (for good ofcourse!) and you know he’ll be the best at it and will uncover anything that is wrong, can be improved in an unbiased fashion.

As a Human, we would always believe that what we own is good, what we create is the best, what others have is not as good as mine, what might be better and is not mine is something I won’t need.

So if everything mine is good (as I believe), who will help me understand what can be better than mine, what can I do to make it better and so on.. ? This would answer the question that It is always a great ideal to outsource testing.

We all love what we do but when we start something new for the first time, we seek opinion of others. If we buy new clothes, we ask others for their opinion; if we write a book, we get it reviewed, so an unbiased opinion has always been there and so does it in Testing as well – “Outsource your testing!”

We would usually be biased towards what we’re developing so an unbiased feedback is a must. – “Outsource your testing!”

The world is growing for good and so is the evolution of Software and platforms it runs on. You alone will never be able to cover everything that a user would do. – “Outsource your testing!”

A developer will never be his own critique! He will never do justice to it if he is the tester of his own creation, because he cannot. – “Outsource your testing!”

So why outsource testing:

  • You get unbiased feedback on what’s not well with your product and what can be improved further
  • Independent & unbiased assessment leads to much better delivery
  • Testing partners will have experienced testers from across domains
  • Certification of your application from independent testers carries more credibility
  • The tester will put all the energy ensuring software works well is great quality
  • Great testing partners will be bold to take ownership of quality even if they may not be cheap cost-wise, but then Failure is far more expensive!

You can then focus on core functions leaving testing at reliable hands and not worrying about the quality of your product. Skilled testers are not easy to find!

Good quality is valuable and the money spent on outsourcing testing will always pay-off in more & more Happy customers of your product! Think about it and act now!