Learnings from working as a tester in Testovation

Beginning a software testing career immediately after college and having it a profession for 1 year running.
Having no computer science degree, which is the common educational precursor to a career in the software development world.

After college completion, I joined the manual testing course and I learned how we should test the application, what type of approach we should follow and what type of testing we will do in any organization.

First Job - Tester
After -landing my first job testing the web application. On the first day of my job, I watched product videos to understand the product more. It was very helpful to me. I’ve learned too many things like- Our objective should enhance the quality of the product not to find the developer's mistake. Every test engineer has a different opinion and they test the application with different methods. So, I learned if they find our mistakes or give some suggestions so we should accept it and improve them. At the starting of my job, I’ve observed other test engineers and saw how they are working and how they are writing the test cases. I’ve also improved my analytical skills because good software tester should have sharp analytical skills. Analytical skills will help break up a complex software system into smaller units to gain a better understanding and create test cases.

Steps to learning

I learned workflows like process workflow, testing workflow, witting workflow, Client interactions, meetings, reporting, debugging and how to report a bug (what should we mention the bug, Bug title should be precise, and we should mention the credentials in which we found the bug).

After some time, I started the mobile app testing and really like it. I like exploratory testing because we don’t know what’s the purpose of the application and what’s the functionality of it. 

According to me, End-users might use the application randomly and get exposed to bugs, To avoid that we should perform Adhoc testing. If we follow the requirement and perform testing, then we will get those bugs which are part of the requirement. We must perform Ad Hoc testing to break the product and I like to do it.

Understanding of the skills of Test engineer

Skills of test engineer: Setting up test environments, designing test plans, developing test cases/scenarios/usage cases, and executing these cases, Ability to work in a team as well as an individual, Ability to work under pressure and maintain deadlines.

Fun-filled informative journey

I found that I really enjoyed testing the software. The challenge of finding bugs and figuring out steps to replicate them turned out to be something I was pretty good at, so I stuck with it. I’ve enjoyed a career that has led me to test many types of software products from Hotel Management. I enjoy the challenges of the ever-changing software development world.