Employee Talk - Words from Pankaj !

The most proud moment for any organization is when you hear some good and motivational words from the new energies that join the organization.It always motivates the organization more by assuring that the organization is succeeding in the goals and growing ahead with the team. 
Lets hear the motivating words from Pankaj -

"If you have the enthusiasm and want to grow, then Testovation is the right place for you. I joined “Testovation” as a fresher. The culture at “ Testovation” is based on team spirit, integration of skills and group work. Each day is a new day and I have never stopped learning. Here I have got ample scope to hone my skills on a continuous basis. The management is very supportive and approachable. I have grown with the company and seeing the number of initiatives that have been taken by “Testovation”, there are in fact no boundaries when it comes to opportunities for growth.
The company offers an open and flexible work place with great corporate values. The daily work pressure and challenges just seem to melt away with great mentors, colleagues and an excellent work culture, boosting every individual to give their best at all times. I feel good to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to a continued growth with “Testovation”.