Quality Assurance – Software QA Services

In this section, we present you with all of the testing opportunities to work together on your exciting product. Be it mobile based, desktop based or web based, coverage is vitally important. At TESTOVATION, we have all of the bases covered, we will be with you at every step. Our QA & Testing services are highly scalable, adaptable and exceed the best of the standards.

Performance testing

Performance testing is also known as Non-functional testing and it is a key activity that must be performed to ensure that application won’t buckle down under a given load.

Security Testing

It helps in finding possible loopholes in order to prevent the loss of information. It checks for information leakage either by encrypting the application or by using different software, hardware, firewall, etc.

Functional Testing

Functional testing covers the testing of User Interface, APIs, Database, security, client/ server applications and functionality of the application.

Test Automation

In Test automation we are emphasizing on two widely used approaches: Graphical user interface testing and API driven testing.


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